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About the Singer

Bianca Berkland is an exceptionally gifted, modern Jazz/Blues multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer  based out of Oliver, BC. Her growing presence in the Okanagan region over the past 4 years performing pop, rock and jazz cover songs ignited within her an endless ambition to share her own wealth of beautiful, original material. Bianca’s passion for Jazz music was first sparked from witnessing a local performance by Juno Award Winner, Kenny Blues Boss Wayne. After seeing him perform, Bianca took to immediately researching Jazz music, and began learning and singing the standards of Nina Simone and other Jazz and Soul artists. She was then asked to perform alongside Kenny Wayne and his band at their next local concert, and from there her passion for writing and sharing Jazz music - with her own pop sensibility, was forever sealed.


With imaginative and honest lyrics delivered by such a saccharine and unique take on traditional Jazz vocals, the music of Bianca Berkland is one of those rare finds we’re all seeking; a departure from daily life to something coated in warm comforts that you want to revisit again and again. With a nostalgic sound compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Angelique Francis, but with a pop-edge akin to artists like Aurora, Berkland nods to the classic structure and instrumentation of traditional Jazz and Blues, all while inviting listeners to a peek behind the curtain of the singer-songwriter pop of the future.


Bianca’s first digital singles “Peaceful State of Mind” and“Ready to Fly” have already amassed over 5,000 views each on Facebook, and secured her as a finalist in the 2019 Okanagan “Star Launch” Songwriting Contest, as well as being a semi-finalist in the "International Song-Writing Competition" for her song "Black Bird," which has only increased her online support and anticipation of her first studio recordings. Currently, you will find Bianca regularly posting originals and cover music on her growing social media platforms; that is, when she is not found around her family’s vineyard aptly named, “La Casa Bianca”. Most importantly, you can find her continually producing more music in the studio.

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